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Andrew 'Nostalgia' Hill

DJ, Electronica, Pop, Techno, Experimental
23329 fans


Nostalgia was born, Andrew Hill, to parents Clay and Jeanie Hill in the city of Two Rivers WI on February 14th, 1990.  From an early age, Nostalgia displayed a great interest in music.  Nostalgia started piano lessons at the age of 4, soloist in choirs at 8, drums at 14, and EDM production at 16.  

To further his education, and his music, Nostalgia decided to enroll in McNally Smith College of Music's Bachelor of Science: Music Producer program.  He moved to Saint Paul MN where school was and from there, he started his personal career of dance music production and DJing;  first appearing at house parties, then the Downtime Bar and Grill, then First Ave's Record Room, and the Barfly in Minneapolis.  It wasn't long before Nostalgia became a constant headliner at the Barfly and other venues in the Twin Cities.  

Currently, Nostalgia is focused on finishing his last semester of school and getting more releases under his belt.  He has found that balancing school and his electronic music career is a difficult challenge, but it is well worth the work for the experience and rewards of a successful
music career.  Having released one EP and two remixes already, he has forthcoming releases on Play Me Too records and Chronos Records (UK).  

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