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Yung Truth

Rap and Hip-Hop

Yung Truth, Born Lenell Young on Chicago's Southside where he spent most of his formative years and developed a love for Rap music. At The Tender Age Of 7 The Young Prodigy Figured Out That's What He Wanted To Do With His Life And Since Then Has put a major focus On his musical career. By having a voice like no other and a laidback cockiness that complements his innovative, reality based, and punchline driven flow he does his job at keeping the listener wanting to hear more. Some would even say the way he rides a beat is almost like his voice is an instrument that fills in the blanks on any beat he rips. His musical influences range from Run DMC, MC Lyte, James Brown, LL Cool J, Kriss Kross, Tupac,R.Kelly. Yung Truth's daring to be diffrent attitude and humble demenor is essential to the growth of the music industry in a Young but grown type of way. You can expect him to be classified as one those people carries their own weight especially when it comes to his live performances and spitting about what he lives. Yung Truth is no stranger to captivating audiences after going on tour wth national recording artist Tech 9, and opening for artists Such As: T.I.,T-Pain, Webbie,Shawnna, Twista, Ying Yang Twins,legendary AZ, Plies, and the list goes on. It is evident that all crowds from high school kids to college students embrace the 22 year old phenomenon. His stamina on stage is the type people instantly grab a hold to and go on to remember. With a strong buzz in the upper midwest region and a internet fan base thats out of this world Yung Truth is the perfect person to put the uncharted waters of Minneapolis, Minnesota on the map. Yung Truth is the next generation of Rap without a doubt, fans and critics both will agree that once he breaks into the industry we will all have our Moment of TRUTH...

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