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Rapid Transit A Cappella

A Cappella, Cover, Rock and Pop, R&B
104 fans

Formed in 2005, Rapid Transit is a unique mix of men and women with a diverse range of backgrounds and musical interests.

Unlike other local a cappella groups, we are not limited to one musical style. We are not jazz, we are not barbershop, we are not hip-hop, but we draw from those traditions and create our own sound.

We hate sappy, syrupy, schmaltzy a cappella music as much as you do. Probably more.

We take popular songs that traditional a cappella groups wouldn't dare attempt and make them our own. But we do standards too.  Because we can.

Come check us out!

Members: Anthony "Ace" Galang, Austin Yu, Caitlin Fischer, Danny Olefsky, Elana Segal, Emilie Rohrbach, Gonzalo Alonso, Syreeta Mussante, Therese "Tree" Dennis, Tim James, Yumi Aikawa

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