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Caught In Motion

Acoustic, Indie Rock, Folk, Pop, World

Caught In Motion, always moving never stopping. A name that reflects the songwriting, lifestyle, and ambitions of a band who strives to always keep moving forward. Conceived in Santa Barbara, matured in Portland, the band has found its home in the bay area. Crafting personal songs, that feel both orchestrated but raw at the same time, leading the listener on a dynamic journey, that twists and turns, but does not needlessly stray too far from the path.

-Acoustic, indie, dynamic, pop, rock
RIYL- Fleet Foxes, Death Cab For Cutie, Modest Mouse, The Morning Benders

Banah Winn- Guitar Vocals- direction
Graham Roggli- Drums
Aaron Joseph- Keyboards and Vocals
Along with many other guests—

CIM was started in 2007 upon the creation of an album called “On The Edge of a Dream”. Good friends Banah Winn and Sam Krulewitch spent about a year writing and recording the record in their Santa Barbara home.  The record was taken to master and it was self released in Nov 2008. The boys were extremely humbled and flattered by all the positive press/reviews the record received. The decision was made and the band went out and supported the album release through nonstop U.S. touring in 2009. Up and down the west coast they went, and then in fall 2009 CIM went on a nationwide 41 show tour, that took them to just about every major city in the country, and a few in Canada. Some much needed time of rest and reflection was had after a year of touring.

In 2010 plans for a new record were made. 5 different studios, 20+ different musicians, and about 14 months of writing and recording later Caught In Motion had themselves an album. Starting on Sept 13th 2011 Caught In Motion will preview its second record called “Stuck In The Mid Twenties Doldrums…” in unique fashion. 10 weeks, 10 songs, 10 live acoustic videos, 10 cover videos, all for Free. Plans for non stop touring again in 2012 (if the world doesn’t end) are in the works

Tracks from Caught In Motion

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