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Live music, delivered to your door!
Live music, delivered to your door!


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Live music, delivered to your door!

Hear It Local is the booking platform for Independent music. We help fans find, fund and book local musicians for their house concerts and parties, and we connect industry professionals with musicians for their venues and events. Our booking platform makes it easy for anyone to book live, independent music.

Why House Concerts Rock:

Hear It Local loves House Concerts. Our music fans and independent musicians do, too.

House concerts are live music concerts held in your home, backyard, or anywhere you please that can range in size from anywhere to 5 people on up. It’s an amazing way to bring your friends together and see live music in a more intimate setting. House concerts also give musicians a way to play great gigs locally as well as fill their touring calendars when they’re on the road.

The Team:

Hear It Local is run by people who love live, independent music.

Matt Lombardi, Co-Founder & CEO:
Matt’s a huge music fan and loves supporting the local music scene (even if he doesn’t have a musical bone in his body). Before co-founding Hear It Local, Matt spent six years supporting startups that solve major social problems at Investors’ Circle, a network of early-stage impact investors.

Glenn Shope, Co-Founder & CTO:
Hear It Local combines Glenn’s two greatest passions: music and technology. He has been writing and performing music for more than 20 years. Glenn also has more than 15 years of experience developing internet technology including founding and operating a successful web development company, Net Acceleration.

Jamie Freedman, San Francisco Community Manager
Jamie is the SF Music Examiner at and sings with the San Francisco Lyric Chorus, the Resound Ensemble and Conspiracy of Venus. Jamie is an ethnomusicologist by training and is an avid blogger.

Natalie Nowytski, Twin Cities Field Rep
Natalie is an award-winning Vocalist/Multi-instrumentalist and local music enthusiast. In addition to her work in local music, Natalie is a graphic designer who’s worked with several local musicians.

Cassandra Gregorcyk, Twin Cities Field Rep 
Cassandra is a recent Music Business graduate with a background in booking and management. She is incredibly passionate about the DIY music scene and previously managed a house venue. Cassandra is also a bassist and vocalist and all around music nerd.

Jim Dvorak, PR fellow
After singing in his university's all-male a cappella group, Jim began working with one of the largest talent buyers in the Midwest and Pacific Northwest regions. Taking his talents to San Francisco from Nebraska, Jim volunteers his expertise in public relations and marketing for Hear It Local as well as various music groups and organizations in the Bay Area.


Joyce Reitman, Business Adviser 
Joyce is a serial entrepreneur with over twenty years of expertise founding and building successful organizations across an array of markets. Joyce was CEO and founder of Pragmatech, Miadora, therapyrightnow, Lusso Vero, and C3. Joyce is also on the board of trustees at the Museum of Performance and Design.

Russ Eisenman, Marketing Adviser
Russ has extensive leadership experience in the music industry. Russ spent 7 years as the Chief Marketing Officer at Tower Records. As SVP of Marketing at Amp’d Mobile, Russ led the global launch of Guitar Hero mobile, the world's fastest selling mobile video game.

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