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Dave Olson

Singer Songwriter, Folk, Acoustic
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Dave Olson is a Twin Cities-based singer-songwriter with a John Prine disposition, a heartfelt delivery, and a knack for catchy melodies.  In his seasoned voice, Olson sings about old friendships, restless hearts, lost loves, and ordinary people trying to find meaning.

Olson started writing and performing his songs in Iowa City when he was 18.  Inspired equally by Iowa songwriters like Greg Brown and Dave Moore and by the roots-rock of Bo Ramsey and the Backsliders and High and Lonesome, Olson released his first record #80 in 2001.  He toured and performed with his band the One-Timers for several years, sharing the stage with such acts as Neko Case, Big Sandy, and Martin Zellar.  In 2003 Olson moved to St. Paul, MN where he continues to write and perform.  He will release No October, his follow-up to #80 in May of 2012.

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