hear it local provides an online community that enhances communication between local musicians, music fans, and businesses that support independent musicians in the Twin Cities. Our site’s content is member-generated, giving us the bandwidth to represent an incredibly diverse range of music (over 5,000 artists representing over 60 genres of music!).

Through our comprehensive live music calendar and interactive database of local musicians, we strive to be Twin Cities’ greatest source for music information.

How it got started:
Way back in 1999, singer/songwriter Glenn Shope had an epiphany while paying his monthly bills. He was actually losing $6.00 on every CD he sold through a major distributor. In an attempt to promote his music profitably, Glenn put his computer programming hobby to good use and built a website to sell his music. When Wayne Hamilton (president of the MN Song Writer’s Association) suggested opening the site to all local artists, the idea behind www.hearitlocal.com was born.

The Team:
Web Developer: Singer/songwriter Glenn Shope launched hearitlocal.com’s predecessor (tcmusic.net) in 1999 to strengthen the Twin Cities’ online music community. His web development company, Net Acceleration, took off in response to requests from local musicians in and around Minneapolis looking for online tools to grow their careers. Contact Glenn at [email protected] with any of your IT needs.

Community Outreach Director: Matt Lombardi is co-director of Investors’ Circle, a national non-profit organization that connects mission-based startups with socially responsible investors. If you have any suggestions for the site (or just want to say hello), you can drop him a line at [email protected]