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The brainchild of San Francisco’s Sean Olmstead, fpodbpod is founded upon the principal tenet that pop music should be catchy while intriguing but always fun to listen to. Bringing an eclectic mix of influences–from the Kinks to Kraftwerk to Jonathan Richman to Gershwin–into the songs, fpodbpod re-contextualizes principles of soul, psychedelia and garage rock. Much the way that the Velvet Underground borrowed elements of soul and old school rock and roll, fpodbpod reminds us that POP is the common thread between all these styles of music we know and love.

While the recordings are historically a one-man operation, with Olmstead writing, performing and recording all the parts, fpodbpod’s live shows often borrow the talents of local favorites such as Os Beaches’ Joe Lewis & Joe Miller, the Blank Tapes’ Matt Adams and Steve Winchell, Indianna Hale, Will Halsey of Ash Reiter’s band, and many others. As well, in the works is fpodbpod’s first collaborative studio work, helmed by producer and local legend, Chuck Gonzales.

Fpodbpod’s catchy, thoughtful rhythms; quirky, memorable–and sometimes unexpected–lyrics, and heartfelt energized delivery will lead you to the dance floor and temporarily ease your troubles, or at least allow you to boogie with them.