Rich cultural and musical history of Atlanta

Emerging from her childhood among the rich cultural and musical history of Atlanta, Kelly McFarling has made her home in the thriving music scene of San Francisco. She sings with confidence, power and poise that belie her youth. Her songs are simple and down-to-earth-approachable, with lyrics that are honest and sincere. She has the rare ability to create music that is familiar and accessible upon the first listen, yet rewards repeat listenings with it’s subtlety and depth. Her delivery is dynamic; soaring from a whisper to a roar, informed by her years of classical and operatic training. All of this is supported by a unique, self-taught banjo style that adds body to her vocal stylings, offering both harmonic and strong rhythmic support. Despite her esteemed background in “serious music”, her chosen craft is of a simple, home-grown style that has been heard on porches and stoops, in churches and around campfires for generations. As a performer, Kelly is flexible and versatile. She can play as a solo act at an art opening, with upright bass at a cafe, or fill a rock club with the big sound of her four-piece band, featuring tasteful vocal harmonies, slide guitar, bass and drums. Songs to be taken whole heartedly, preferably outside of the shirt on sleeves The grass is blue, the moon is shiny. Drink up Darlin, its homebrew.